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The G&H Industries family of audio connectors are designed and manufactured to be the most reliable and easiest to use in the industry.

G&H Industries connectors feature "Copper Core"™ technology. This means no loose grounds or broken tips and the highest fidelity signal transfer.

Look for instrument and speaker cables made with "Show Savers"™ connectors.
THE PLUG WITH THE "COPPER TIP". Please go to our "connectors" page for more detail and see why our plugs are the best in the world.


Tests were conducted on the G&H Show Saver™ by Chalice Studios in LA.

"After countless hours of blind listening tests the G&H 1/4" instrument
connector was the clear winner. There is no question that they make the
best sounding and most robust connector I have ever used. Even clients with
name brand cables have asked to have the connectors changed after hearing
how much of a sonic difference they make!" Stacey Dodds, Technical Manger

A number of great guitar players count on Show Saver™ Connectors. This is what Ty Tabor from King's X had to say about G&H Connectors.

"I have used many different cables and connectors over the years. My current set up depends on G&H Connectors, which are the quietest, best sounding set of connectors I have ever used".
Tabor, King's X

G&H Industries Pure Plug™Cables with Clear Connect Technology™ have a patented design featuring a direct connection to the core wire. This eliminates the brass or steel core found in other plugs and eliminates 8 of the 11 metal transitions that impede your sound in other cables. Please see our "cables" page for more detail and what others are saying about this technology.

We sell our products through OEM's, Distributors and Reps.





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